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This is an advertisement for the skin machine

Still Life is great

The topless ban is still active, we go back to trial the 29th of December.

My friend asked me what's the top ten songs in my ipod...without cheating so here you go...weirdo

1. Meg Lee Chin - Heavy Scene (Bag Full of Fun Mix-
2. Bjork - Where is the Line
3. The Cure - Watching Me Fall
4. Velvet Acid Christ vs. Funker Vogt - Remix Wars
5. Panzerchrist - evil 10 vic
6. Agonize - Sexual Violation
7. Android Lust - In the Arms of the Heretic
8. Aslan Faction - Holocaust Denier
9. Rasputina - Saline the Salt Lake Queen
10. Snake River Conspiracy - You and Your Friend

oh oh and that's only the beginning of like 9840930984039843 songs

and the top 5 bands you should check out on myspace are

1. izoloscope
2. circle of dead squirrels
3. choking susan
4. diverje
5. the synthetic dream foundation

wow I feel like I'm on Letterman

today i am going to buy a very expensive state of the art heating blanket

...because it's fucking cold and it sucks

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