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jesus was gay

Well how do you do? No I would not like any more of your cocaine but thank you, I can't see the floor and my heart is going to explode. I don't think I want your life. Sex is sacred, not to be broadcasted and shoved into songs with strap ons. None of it is fake. If you would refer to page 78 The Impotent Sea Snakes. Oh, more cocaine you say? I really shouldn't, there's a boy who cares about me in Alabama, wants to pretend like he doesn't, but he knows he does and he knows there's another chance somewhere. Soul-mates? Yeah maybe, oh no I don't partake in Black Tar but thank you so much for asking! Japan calls my name nightly, money power and a lot more sex.

No one even begins to compare the way I felt with you, not that it matters now, you're tattooed boy wonder and deep down I am proud.

I think I saw you when I got back into town, you were smoking outside I think you looked at me, but I didn't have the nerve to match your eyes.

you angeldust my soul

No riddles here, just truth.
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