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Paul got me The Greater Wrong of the Right for my birthday...I had to type wrong like 6 times there it just wanted to be the WONG OF THE RIGHT so bad...

The imagery is simply astounding, everyone there is fucked up I'm sure, so it's almost silent in the crowd. because they are all standing around with their mouths open I'm sure, I would be.

I am going to be on this site soon

The new year is just around the corner, I probably won't even celebrate it, since it was mom's birthday. Or maybe I will who knows...maybe it would be a better idea to celebrate it instead of pretending it never existed.

Kinda torn.

I just finished High Tension, I've already seen it, but I downloaded I have watched it 3 times in a row and I still don't understand a big chunk of it..I get the fact the chick has two personalities and that the crazy trucker guy is her alter ego...what I don't get is the beginning where the guys getting -head- from the severed head......and some other things....doesn't really come together in a nice neat package....I don't keep up with hardly anyone on livejournal anymore unless they are on myspace too....I was going to post my new cell phone number, but then again..anyone can access this thing...

so exnay on that

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