Bright Red Scream Girl Wet Dream (cyanidelikelove) wrote,
Bright Red Scream Girl Wet Dream

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hugs.....not hand grenades

oh live journal, I have been so unfaithful ...

I deserted you for deadjournal for almost a could I?

How could I leave you for people who just post song lyrics over and over and definitions from wikipedia???

and post sweaty pictures of themselves trying to dance?? while their makeups running off their face in a rivet little puddle?

It's ok I sent half of them rulers so they can draw their eyebrows on straight....


Don't look at me like that, think of how much we've shared!!

My life is so utterly different now, for the better? Time will tell.

Waiting, wanting, wishing.

I've been waiting for so long
It's starting to kill me

when you fucked my faith away
I lost ALL hope.

oh you really don't know do you?
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