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if sugar is poison splenda is neosporin

there's something in the way you move that makes me want to catch a cold.

Don't you think it's a pretty night to watch
Your own breath?"
And I open my mouth and blow into the frost
To let out all the ghosts.

On a cold night like this
I take in stars
Hoping their warmth will reach my heart.

And I can feel the chill down to my bones.
Now I'm as fragile as the glass
Your lungs are made of.

Every tear I've cried is frozen in place.
Letting everyone know
That I still miss you.

The wind blows
Past my cheeks turning them red
And I am mistaken for blushing.

As the warmth from my blood
Escapes through my pores,

I can't help believing in you.
Even on a night like this where
Hope can be lost with such ease.

I thought this kind of weather
Was supposed to be numbing.
So why can I still feel your absence?

I'm waiting for blood to flow to my fingers,
I'll be all right
When my hands get warm...
when this frostbite has passed once again

pretending is easy now.

just tell me that you love me.
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holy knick knacks batman! you're using your lj! ;)
yes ma'm I'm trying to get away from the deathtrap known as myspace.

i'm going to try and write in it at least once a day..

my professor says it's imperative.

but..he doesn't like the cure

so I'm sure you know what I think of him!